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New Adirondack Wooden Guideboats:

New  Construction, Traditional Design. 

We build new Adirondack guideboats using traditional designs, materials, and methods. All of our wood is sourced from local forests.  We get the White Pine used for planking in log form before milling it ourselves; its then air dried for at least a season before using. The Red Spruce knees we use for ribs and stems we dig, mill, and and air dried for 3 or more years.  The Red Maple and Cherry used for seats, oars, gunnels and details are obtained likewise.  The brass hardware is forged by a regional craftsman custom for each boat we make.

Allison Warner and Rob Davidson, owners of ADK Wooden Boats, have been building Adirondack wooden guideboats since 1999.  All of the work is done by Allison and Rob in the heart of the Adirondacks.  The tools we use do include modern ones for rough milling of materials, but the majority of the real work is always done with traditional hand tools: planes, spokeshaves, scrapers, chisels, etc.

We have built copies of boats from many of the masters of the previous centuries, including Grant, Parsons, Chase, Cole, Blanchard, and more.  We also build our own interpretations of traditional guide boats, gleaning functional and aesthetic elements from different styles and bringing them together into a new form.

Contact us to find out more about the new Adirondack guideboats we build and how to get one for yourself.  We also restore and maintain traditional guideboats.  We happily work with wooden boat lovers across the US. 

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